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Past League News
July 2020
Board Agenda July 14, 2020 
Board Workshop July 13, 2020 
June 2020
Executive Comm Agenda June 17, 2020  
May 2020
Board Agenda June 1, 2020 
Board Exec Comm Wksp 5-20-20 
Board Notification 6/1/2020 
April 2020
Board Workshop Summary 4/2/20 
Board Notification and Agenda 4-24-20 
March 2020
Board Workshop April 2, 2020 
Board Exec Comm Wksp 4-1-20 
MSHSL State Tournament Photos for Sale 
February 2020
February 2020 Board & Committee Agendas 
2020 ExCEL Winners 
November 2019
December Board of Directors Agenda 
October 2019
MAAA Executive Secretary 
September 2019
Oct 2019 Board and Committee Mtg Agendas 
MSHSL 2019-2020 Media Policy Manual 
August 2019
Concussion Insurance Program Guide 
Concussion Insurance Provider Letter 
July 2019
August 2019 Board Agenda 
Executive Committee Special Mtg 7-16-19 
2018-19 Officials Service Awards 
June 2019
New AD's Workshop - August 7 and 8, 2019 
Board Synopsis - 6-3-19 
Executive Committee Special Mtg 6-10-19 
May 2019
June 2019 Board Agenda 
Rep Assembly Meeting Agenda 5-13-19 
April 2019
Executive Committee Special Mtg 4-19-19 
Board Synopsis --- 4-4-19 
2019-20, 2020-21 Section Assignments 
March 2019
April 2019 Bd and Committee Mtg Agendas 
2017-18, 2018-19 School Enrollments 
MSHSL To Honor Contest Officials 
Executive Committee Special Mtg 4-1-19 
February 2019
Board Synopsis --- 2-12-19 
2019 Triple A Winners 
Board Agenda February 12, 2019 
2019 ExCEL Award Recipients 
January 2019
TRIA Rink to host girls' hockey consolation series 
December 2018
Ex Committee Special Mtg Notice & Agenda 
Board Meeting Synopsis, 12-6-18 
November 2018
December Meeting Agendas 
December Board Meeting Notice 
Eligibility Committee Agenda 11-8-18 
October 2018
Ex. Comm. Meeting Notice - 11/1/18 
Fall 2018 Activities Guide 
Board Synopsis, Oct. 4, 2018 
September 2018
Ex. Committee Meeting Agenda 10-3-18 
October Board Meeting Agenda 
Media Policy Manual 
Concussion Insurance Program Guide 
Concussion Sample Letter to Parents 
Elig. Comm. Mtg. Notice 9-20-18 
School Space Media to live stream League events 
August 2018
Eligibility Committee Agenda 9-5-18 
Elig. Comm. Mtg. Notice 9-5-18 
Eligibility Meeting Agenda 8-23-18 
Eligibility Comm. Meeting Notice 8-23-18 
Ex. Committee Meeting Agenda 8-16-18 
Executive Committee Meeting - Aug 16 
Board Meeting Synopsis, 8-7-2018 
July 2018
August Board Meeting Agenda 
Vikings to host prep football games 
Notice of Position Opening - IT Director 
June 2018
New AD's Workshop Agenda & Registration 
Elig. Comm. Mtg. Notice 6-18-18 
Board Meeting Synopsis, 6-4-2018 
May 2018
June Board Meeting Agenda 
June Board Committee Agendas 
Eligibility Committee Agenda 5-16-18 
Executive Committee Workshop 5-14-18 
Rep Assembly Agenda - May 14, 2018 
Eligibility Committee Agenda 5-9-18 
April 2018
Elig. Comm. Mtg. Notice 5-9-18 
Minnesota Football Summit 
Length of Games: '18 Baseball & Softball 
4/11/18 Special Meeting Notice 
Elig. Comm. Mtg. Notice 4-12-18 
March 2018
Board Meeting Synopsis, 3-29-18 
2018 Triple A winners announced 
March Board Committee Agendas 
March Board Workshop and Meeting Agendas 
March Board Meeting Schedule 
Eligibility Committee Agenda 3-20-18 
2018 Officials Award Winners Announced 
2018 ExCEL Award Winners Announced 
Elig. Comm. Mtg. Notice 3-20-18 
Board of Directors Mtg. Notice 3-29-18 
February 2018
2018 Triple A Award Finalists  
Eligibility Committee Agenda 2-20-18 
Eligibility Comm. Mtg. Notice 2-20-18 
Eligibility Comm. Mtg. Notice 2-7-18 
Eligibility Committee Agenda 2-7-18 
2018 ExCEL Awards Winners Announced 
Board Meeting Synopsis, 2-1-18 
January 2018
February 1, 2018 Board Meeting Agenda 
February Board Committee Agendas 
Eligibility Committee Agenda 1-17-18 
Eligibility Comm. Mtg. Notice 1-17-18 
December 2017
Eligibility Committee Agenda 12-20-17 
Eligibility Committee Notice 12-20-17 
Eligibility Comm. Mtg. Notice 12-6-17 
Eligibility Committee Agenda 12-6-17 
November 2017
Eligibility Committee Agenda 11-30-17 
Executive Committee Agenda 12-1-17 
Eligibility Comm. Mtg. Notice 11-30-17 
Erich Martens to be new Executive Director 
Board Meeting Synopsis, 11-20-17 
Selection Committee Recommends Erich Martens as MSHSL Executive Director 
Notice of Special Board Meeting 11-20-17 
Three finalists selected for Executive Director position 
Eligibility Committee Agenda 11-15-17 
Eligibility Comm. Mtg. Notice 11-15-17 
2017-18 Rep. Assembly Amendments 
October 2017
Eligibility Committee Agenda 11-1-17 
Baron Championship Rings News Release 
Eligibility Comm. Mtg. Notice 11-1-17 
Eligibility Committee Agenda 10-18-17 
Eligibility Comm. Mtg. Notice 10-18-17 
Board Meeting Synopsis, 10-5-17 
September 2017
Eligibility Comm. Meeting Notice 10-4-17 
Eligibility Committee Agenda 10-4-17 
October Audit/Finance Committee Meeting 
October Executive Committee Meeting 
October Eligibility Committee Meeting 
October Board Agenda 
Oct Marketing & Communications Meeting 
Oct Education & Leadership Committee Mtg 
Eligiblity Committee Agenda 9-20-17 
Eligibility Comm. Meeting Notice 9-20-17 
Announcement of Vacancy - Executive Director 
August 2017
Eligibility Committee Agenda 9-6-17 
Eligibility Comm. Meeting Notice 9-6-17 
3-Year Desktop Calendar Order Form 
New A.D.'s Workshop Agenda/Registration 
August Eligibility Committee Agenda 
August Tech/Coaches/Officials Agenda 
August Marketing & Communications Agenda 
August Finance Committee Agenda 
August Executive Committee Agenda 
August Board of Directors Agenda 
June 2017
June Board Meeting Synopsis 
May 2017
June Board of Directors Agenda 
June Executive Committee Agenda 
June Eligibility Committee Agenda 
June Marketing & Communications Agenda 
June Tech/Coaches/Officials Comm Agenda 
Representative Assembly Agenda: 5-15-17 
Executive Committee Agenda: May 15, 2017 
Representative Assembly: Amendments 
April 2017
April Board Meeting Synopsis 
March 2017
April Board of Directors Workshop Agenda 
April Board of Directors Agenda 
April Eligibility Committee Agenda 
April Executive Committee Agenda 
April Marketing & Communications Agenda 
April Finance Committee Meeting Agenda 
April Tech/Coaches/Officials Comm Agenda 
2017 Triple A Winners Announced 
March 24, 2017 Board Meeting Agenda 
2017 ExCEL Award Winners 
Lilya wins NFHS Spirit of Sport Award  
Ross wins NFHS Heart of the Arts Award 
2017 Triple 'A' Section Award Winners 
February 2017
Job Posting: Associate Director 
Rep Assembly Meeting May 15, 2017 
2017 ExCEL Award Winners 
February 2 Board Meeting Synopsis 
MSHSL, 45TV extend broadcast partnership 
Job Opening: Accounting Assistant 
January 2017
February 1 Board Workshop Agenda 
Feb Board of Directors Meeting Agenda 
Feb Executive Committee Meeting Agenda 
Feb Eligibility Committee Meeting Agenda 
Feb Finance Committee Meeting Agenda 
Feb Tech/Coaches/Officials Comm. Agenda 
Feb Marketing Committee Meeting Agenda 
December 2016
Annual Report 
December Board Meeting Synopsis  
November 2016
Dec Tech/Coaches/Officials Comm. Agenda 
Dec Marketing Committee Meeting Agenda 
Dec Finance Committee Meeting Agenda 
Dec Executive Committee Meeting Agenda 
Dec Eligibility Committee Meeting Agenda 
Dec Board of Directors Meeting Agenda 
November 30 Board Workshop Agenda 
2016-17 Rep. Assembly Amendments 
October 2016
October Board Meeting Synopsis 
September 2016
October Marketing Committee Agenda 
Oct Tech/Coaches/Officials Comm. Agenda 
October Finance Committee Agenda 
October Eligibility Committee Agenda 
October Executive Committee Agenda 
October Board Agenda 
Ex. Comm Workshop Agenda 9/12/16 
August 2016
August 9th - Board Meeting Synopsis 
Aug Board Workshop/Meeting Schedule 
June 2016
2016 Why We Play Conference - Register Now 
2019 & 2020 District FB Lists & Maps 
June Board Meeting Synopsis 
May 2016
June Board Agenda 
June Executive Committee Agenda 
June Eligibility Committee Agenda 
June Finance Committee Agenda 
June Marketing Committee Agenda 
June Tech/Coaches/Officials Comm. Agenda 
April Board Agenda 
April Board Synopsis 
April 2016
April Ex Committee Agenda 
April Workshop Agenda 
March 2016
Swanville duo wins NFHS Arts Award 
February 2016
2016 Triple A Award Finalists 
2016 ExCEL Award Recipients 
January 2016
February Ex. Committee Agenda 
February Workshop Agenda 
February Board Agenda 
November 2015
December Workshop Agenda 
December Board Agenda 
Ex. Committee Workshop Agenda 11-5-15 
September 2015
Board Workshop Agenda 
October Board Agenda 
Executive Commitee Agenda 9-14-15 
August 2015
2014-2015 Challenge Cup Winners 
Anders Broman's Scoring Record Verified 
August 4th - Board Meeting Synopsis 
July 2015
August Board Agenda 
June 2015
June Board Meeting Synopsis 
May 2015
June Exec & Elig Committee Agenda  
June Executive Committee Agenda 
June Board Agenda 
Eligibility Committee Meeting Agenda 
Mills Fleet Farm to Sponsor Clay Target 
April 2015
Bd of Director's Mtg Synopsis April 2015 
March 2015
March Board Workshop Agenda 
February 2015
MSHSL hires two new staff members 
2015 Representative Assembly Item 
2015 ExCEL Winners Announced 
December 2014
Annual Report for 2013-14 
Dec 4 Board Meeting Synopsis 
Transgender Eligibility Appeal Procedure 
MSHSL Participation Fact Sheet 
November 2014
Dec 3 Board Workshop Agenda 
Dec 4 Board Agenda 
October 2014
2013-2014 MSHSL Activity Participation 
October 2, 2014 Board Synopsis 
September 2014
October 2, 2014 Board Agenda 
October 1, 2014 Workshop Agenda 
August 2014
Sports Participation Increases 
2013-14 Challenge Cup Winners 
MSHSL Job Opening - Programmer 
Board Meeting Synopsis August 2014 
July 2014
Board Meeting Agenda August 2014 
NEW AD's Fall Workshop Information 
2013-2014 State Champions - SPRING 
May 2014
Board Meeting Agenda June 2014 
League Bylaws Amended-Rep Assembly 
April 2014
2013-2014 State Champions - WINTER 
2013-2014 State Champions - FALL 
MSHSL PSA earns national Telly Award 
2013-14 Representative Assembly Items 
Board Meeting Synopsis April 2014 
March 2014
Board Meeting Agenda April 2014 
Bob McDonald Inducted-NF Hall of Fame 
February 2014
2014 Triple "A" Finalists 
Achiever Academy withdraws from section 
January 2014
2014 ExCEL Award Winners Announced 
Board Meeting Synopsis January 2014 
Board Meeting Agenda January 2014 
December 2013
Board Meeting Synopsis December 2013 
Board Workshop Agenda December 2013 
Bd of Director's Mtg Agenda Dec 2013 
November 2013
NEW AED Lease Program 
October 2013
2012-13 Annual Report 
Order Spotlight on Scholarship Banners 
Bd of Director's Mtg Synopsis Oct 2013 
September 2013
Bd of Director's Mtg Agenda October 2013 
August 2013
National Federation Staff Changes 
ACT Test Conflicts & MSHSL Tourn. Dates 
Bd of Director's Mtg Synopsis Aug 2013 
Bd of Director's Mtg Agenda August 2013 
July 2013
2013 AED Order Information 
June 2013
2012-13 Tournament Champions 
Bd of Director's Mtg Synopsis June 2013 
May 2013
Board of Director's Mtg Agenda June 2013 
2013 Hall of Fame Event Program 
April 2013
2013 Robotics Qualifiers 
Bd of Director's Mtg Synopsis April 2013 
Bd of Director's Mtg Agenda April 2013 
March 2013
AED Purchasing Information 
February 2013
2013 Triple "A" Finalists 
2013 ExCEL Award Recipients 
January 2013
Bd of Director's Mtg Synopsis Jan 2013 
Board of Director's Mtg Agenda Jan 2013 
NFEquip Facilities Uniform Rule Changes 
December 2012
Hall of Fame Nomination DeadlineExtended 
Bd of Directors' Mtg Synopsis Dec. 2012 
November 2012
Bd Director's Committee Schedule 12/12 
Board of Director's Mtg Agenda Dec 2012 
October 2012
Board of Director's Workshop-Nov 6, 2012 
Board of Directors' Meeting Synopsis -October 2012 
September 2012
Board of Directors' Meeting Agenda - October 2012 
Call for Hall of Fame Nominations - Deadline December 14, 2012 
August 2012
Eden Prairie, Dawson-Boyd, The Blake School Win Challenge Cup Awards 
100 Years of Basketball History 
Board of Directors' Meeting Synopsis - August 2012 
Board of Directors' Meeting Agenda - August 2012 
2012-13 FALL Athletic Directors' Workshop 
June 2012
Board of Directors' Meeting Synopsis - June 2012 
Board of Directors' Meeting Agenda - June 2012 
April 2012
Big Hits, Broken Dreams (VIDEO) 
Board of Directors' Meeting Synopsis - April 2012 
March 2012
Board of Directors' Meeting Agenda - April 2012 
Coaches Rule Interpretation Meeting and Continuing Education Requirement 
February 2012
Piggyback Bandit 
Board of Directors' Meeting Synopsis - February 2012 
January 2012
MSHSL Instructional Hockey Checking Video 
Board Of Directors' Meeting Agenda - February 2012 
AED Purchase Prices - 2012 
AED + Cabinet Purchase Offer - Expires January 31, 2012 
December 2011
Dec. 1st Board Synopsis 
November 2011
Board of Director's Meeting Agenda - Dec., 2011 
October 2011
2010-2011 Annual Report 
MSHSL Medical Protocols 
Oct 6. Board Meeting Synopsis 
September 2011
Section Seeding Revisited 
Bd of Director's Mtg Agenda October 2011 
3-Year Desktop Calendar Order Form  
Minneota, Breck School, Eden Prairie win Challenge Cup awards 
August 2011
Cheerleading Rules Clarification Regarding Feathers 
Bruce Brown 2011 NFHS Coach Educator of the Year 
Board of Directors' Meeting Synopsis - August 2011 
Board of Director's Meeting Agenda - August 2011 
Official Handbook Delivery Delayed 
July 2011
NEW Athletic Director's Workshop Information 
June 2011
Concussion Protocol (Updated 9/12/2011) 
Board of Director's Meeting Synopsis - June, 2011 
May 2011
Board of Director's Meeting Agenda - June 2011 
2011 Hall of Fame Inductees Announced 
2010-2011 Representative Assembly Amendments 
April 2011
MSHSL Medical Protocols 
2011 Hall of Fame Inductees and Banquet Information 
Board of Director's Meeting Synopsis - April, 2011 
Board of Director's Meeting Agenda - April, 2011 
February 2011
Revised State Basketball Tournament Pairings-Class A & AA 
Winter Bulletin - 2011 
January 2011
Board of Director's Meeting Synopsis - January 2011 
Board of Director's Meeting Agenda - January 2011 
NFHS Equipment, Facilities, Uniform and Rule Changes for: 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13 
December 2010
Board of Director's Meeting Synopsis - December 2010 
November 2010
Board of Director's Meeting Agenda - December 2010 
October 2010
Special Offer to Schools to Purchase AED Equipment 
FREE Online Course-The Role of the Parent in Sports 
Fall 2010 Area Meeting PowerPoint Presentation 
Fall Bulletin - 2010 
Board of Director's Meeting Synopsis - October 2010 
Fluid Replacement - Safety & Performance 
September 2010
NEDA Launches New Educational Tool Kit for Eating Disorder Awareness 
Fundamentals of Coaching Basketball Course Now Available 
Hall of Fame Nominations Being Accepted 
2009-2010 MSHSL Annual Report 
Challenge Cup Award Winners Announced 
ExCEL Award-Nominations Now Accepted 
High School Sports Participation Tops 7.6 Million, Sets Record 
August 2010
NFHS Concussion Course Free to Coaches, Parents, Players 
New Athletic Directors Workshop Information 
Board of Director's Meeting Synopsis - August 2010 
July 2010
Waiver for Composite Bat Ban to be Considered 
June 2010
General Eligibility - Coach and AD Information 
Board of Director's Meeting Synopsis - June 2010 
Football Task Force Update - June 2010 
May 2010
Student Video Had Immediate Impact 
April 2010
Board of Director's Meeting Synopsis - April 2010 
Breckenridge H. S. Wins Minnesota Suicide Prevention Student Video Competition 
Triple "A" State Winners Announced 
Board of Director's Meeting Agenda - April 2010 
Revised Pairings for 2010 State Football 
March 2010
Representative Assembly Meeting Agenda - March 19, 2010 
State Tourn. Date Correction, Alpine-2/16/11, Nordic-2/17/11 
Summer Coaching Waiver Request - Coach 
February 2010
Online Rules Meeting Instructions for Officials 
Soccer/Volleyball/Gymnastics Rules Changes 
Spirit Rules Committee Clarifies Use of Assisted Stunts 
2010 ExCEL Award Winners Announced 
January 2010
Board of Director's Meeting Agenda - February 4, 2010 
Track & Field Hy-Tek Training Registration Form (Mtg Date: 3/24/10) 
Purchase State Tournament Wrestling Mats NOW! 
November 2009
League Forms New Partnership With Gerry Davis Sports 
KSTC-TV launches State Tournament Webcasting 
MSHSL Coaches Education Program Registration Information 
2009-10 Representative Assembly Proposed Amendments 
MRSA in Sports Participation 
October 2009
AACCA Safety & Stunt Progression Class Schedule 
League Purchases AED's For State Tournaments 
Position Statement Regarding Tournaments and H1N1 Flu Outbreaks 
Sport Concussion Assessment Tool-Pocket Version 
Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 
Special Offer For Schools on AEDs (updated 10-19-2009) 
September 2009
MDH Reducing the Spread of Influenza in Athletic Teams 
MSHSL Coaches Education Program Registration Information 
2010 Triple "A" Nomination Form Now Available 
2008-2009 Annual Report 

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