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2014 Representative Assembly Items

The following Representative Assembly proposals will be reviewed by and voted on by members of the MSHSL Representative Assembly on May 12, 2014.
The meeting will be held at Edinburgh USA at 9:00 a.m.

Public comments are welcome.

Bylaw 111.1.C - Transfer and Residence: There and back rule during the school year or during the athletic season (Domestic Students)

Bylaw 201.2 - Amateur Status: Reimbursements and participation with a professional team or organization.

Bylaw 205.1 - Chemical Eligibility: Use of substances for unintended purposes

Bylaw 208.4 - Non-School Competition and Training: No contact period

Bylaw 208.7I - Non-School Competition and Training (new definitions language)

Bylaw 304.3.A.2 - Ineligible Student: Applying the Penalty

Bylaw 403.4 (B) - Cooperative Sponsorships

Bylaw 411.2 - Scheduling of Contests

Bylaw 502 - Football Daily Limit

Bylaw 508.2 - Pre-Season Practice/Heat Acclimatization Policy


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